Knowledge Tours



3 hour BUS TOUR with Local Guide covering two circuits  


Visit significant historical and heritage sites around town, most connected to the 1891 strike, and hear the stories associated with themmilitary-camp-barcaldine

* Old Police strike-camp-site-planPaddock  * Military Camp  * Cobb & Co Paddock  * Strike Campsite  * Aboriginal site  * Foxhall Village  * Cedar Creek Settlement/ Alice River Cooperative  * Date Palm Plantation


Travel to a local shearing shed. See a shearing demonstration.  Examine the shearers’ tools.  Walk around the shearing shed. Meet with the owdsc04459ner. Findimg_5962 out what img_6029-2it’s like to run a mimg_6006odern sheep statiodsc04456n.  Learn how wool is ‘classed’ and baled.

This tour starts at the Tree of Knowledge 9am and ends back at the Tree or at the Australian Workers’ Heritage Centre at 12pm – Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 & Sunday 30.

COST       $100 family OR $40 pp



2 hour WALKING TOUR with Local Guide

                           Since 1886, the town of Barcaldine has had what could be considered a lot of pubs. For a small town, the proportion of pubs to people has been noteworthy. In the 1880s, at the height of the hotel trade, there were 11 pubs in the main street, stretching from one end of Oak Street to the other. The population sat at around 2500 in the early 1900s.

Now there are (only) five hotels servicing a population of under 1500 people

The Union, The Railway, The Artesian, The Shakespeare, The Commercial

Do You Know …

Which was the latest hotel to cease trading and in what year?   Which one went by the name of a hotel but never had a liquor licence?   What was the name of the hotel the locals called The Rip ‘n Tear?   Which hotel still has its original kitchen structure? Which hotel never burnt down or underwent extensive renovations?   Which two existing hotels changed their names since they were first erected?   Which of the five existing hotels is shown in this 1910 picture?royal-hotel-1910s

Find out the answers on the tour!

This tour starts at 5pm with an historical and local perspective under the Tree of Knowledge, and ends at The Commercial, where dinner is served at 7pm – Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27.

Participants must be 18 Years of age or over.            COST    $70 pp