Crack Up Sisters


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A unique blend of comedy for all ages lo-res_twiggsy-struthy_firecracker

The Crackup Sisters are bright, energetic and ridiculously witty. They bring to the stage a mixed-bag of comedy, whipcracking and acrobatics and tell the stories of the Australian country and its larrikin characters.

Every show is energetic, raw and cleverly gets the audience involved! Along with the array of comedy, whipcracking, acrobatics and slapstick you will be sure to see big props, hear tall stories, funny jokes and see lots of action!  

The Homestead – a 14m x 12m interactive set – cocrackupsistersmplete with EXPLODING DUNNY, aerial windmill, sound system, lighting    

 Think aerial circus antics, choreographed whip cracking, knockabout acrobatics and gags that you’d never see coming!

Friday 28     ‘Back to Barcy’ Opening Ceremony    FREE EVENT