Traditional Custodians

Barcaldine Community Events Inc acknowledges the people who are the traditional and historic custodians of the land, and pays respect to Elders, past and present, and extends that respect to our ancestors. We acknowledge the water ways, ceremonies, plants and customs of these traditional lands.

Iningai (QLD)

West of Dividing Range to Forsyth Range, Maneroo Creek and Longreach; South alon Alice River tributaries to about Mexico;

North to Muttaburra, Cornish Creek, Tower Hil, Bowen Downs, and North Oakvale; at Aramac.

Their well-wooded country has broad meandering streams flowing generally west;

A few plateau remnants exist. Some people moved southeast to Alpha in later years;

The Wadjabangai may be a subtribe.

Alternative Names: Muttaburra (horde name, now a township Muttaburra, Moothaburra, Mootaburra, Tateburra (horde north of Cornish Creek), Teereburra (horde on Alice River) Kana.

Wadjabangai (QLD)

South of Glenbower (now called Lancevale);

At Maryvale; south to Blackall;

Boundaries fixed principally by exclusion from territories of neighbouring tribes. 

Their territory is well wooded with broad sandy plains and meandering streams flowing from the higher country to the northeast. They also called themselves (Kari: mari) which means ‘Salt men’ (Mari=man). Their vocabulary is rather distinctive.

Kuungkari (QLD)

On Thomson and Cooper (Barcoo) river west to Jundah;

North to Westland and near Longreach; east to Avington, Blackall, and Terrick Terrick; south on the westrn flank of the Grew Range to Cheviot Rsange, Powell Creek, and Welford.

There are large areas of open grass country. Not to be confused with the Kunggari of the Upper Nebine Creek. They did not practice circumcision. There were at least five hoards with names terminating in (Bara) and (Mari), meaning men. The men of Jundah today prefer the pronunciation (Ku;ngka’ri), others use the accepted version; other valid variations are (Kunghari) and Ku;ngka;i.

Koonkerri, Kunggari, Kungeri, Koongerri, Torraburra (horde), Yankibura (horde), Yangeeberra, Mokaburra (horde), Tarawall (name given to eastern dialect).