2017 TOK Festival Raffle

  ‘YambanPainted March 2016_ Inspired by the 125 year celebration of the 1891 shearers strike_Acrylic on Canvas_BARCALDINE TREE of KNOWLEDGE art competion (Honorable Mention)gku 1891′


Artist: Suzanne Thompson

Language groups: Iningai/ Kunngeri (Great Grandmother) Bidjera (Grandfather) & Wakka Wakka/ Kabi Kabi (mothers).

Place of Birth: Barcaldine (Central Western Queensland)

There was a time in history – ‘1891’ – that two cultures were fighting for their rights for equality. During this time my people lived on the Lagoon Creek, living and surviving off the many grass seeds, bush foods, water ways and bush medicines of this vast Outback Country. They celebrated ceremony and created Rain through these ceremonies worshipping the great Rainbow Serpent and following the Southern Cross which for them represents the Beak of the Emu.

Also in 1891, the pastoralists saw their opportunity to create great wealth off this land, bringing sheep with them, who also loved the grasses of this vast land and drinking the waters of the sacred Rainbow Serpent waterholes.

But the shearers life was also under challenge by this time, as they sought better working conditions and wages. They too saw the significance of the great Southern Cross in the sky, symbolised by the flag that connected them to a sense of ceremony and unity.

‘Yambanku 1891’ (valued at $3,200) has been donated by Suzanne as the prize in the 2107 TOK Festival Raffle. All profits will go towards TOK Festival costs.

Tickets  $10 each   Drawn Monday May 1 at the Closing Ceremony